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Pope Diagnostics/Pope Dx, is a provider of in-office diagnostic studies since 1997. Serving South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. Services are convenient and profitable for your practice. All studies are performed as a part of your in-office ancillary. In compliance with Stark Law, services are sold in a block-leased format. Block-leasing allow physicians to bill for services rendered by Pope Dx. All studies are billed to patient insurance companies by your office. The technologist will provide CPT codes and medically necessary ICD-9 codes (to insure full payment) on a log that will be submitted to the billing personnel.

Pope Dx will provide diagnostics services with preliminary interpretation. An official reading can be provided by you, a physician you request or, a physician recommended. Selecting a recommended physician, reports will be faxed less than 48 hours.

Studies included: Echocardiograms, Vascular Ultrasound (carotids, renal, venous and arterial), Nerve Conduction Studies, General Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine Stress Testing

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what's new?

- Popedx is now a service provider of Allergy Testing and Vertibular Auto Rotational Test (VAT) or commonly referred to as Balance Testing for fall risk assessment.
Pope Dx is EXCITED to announce its partnership with Covidien/VNUS.

- Vein Ablations!
Over 25 million people in the United States suffer from symptomatic venous insufficiency, the underlying cause of varicose veins.
- Cutting Edge: Removing Varicose Veins

"Pope Diagnostics ultrasound services are very efficient and professional with prompt follow-up on any issues/questions. Dwayne is extremely responsive and pleasant. The tech is personable and our patients have been pleased with theconvenience and the experience."
- Family Practice Laurens, SC



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